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[FIC] The Talk. 
8th-Jan-2006 01:54 am
Title: The Talk. (1/3)
Fandom: Advent Children.
Warnings: Talk about gay sex. Lusting.
Characters/couples: Cloud, Denzel (heavily implied Cloud/Denzel and the next part IS going to be Cloud/Denzel)
Summary: Cloud has to give Denzel the talk... and he's up for a big surprise.
Rating: R.
Notes: sadist_love and jetaimerai made me do it!

The Talk.

You would think that after the tenth thousand time of Tifa using the "Denzel admires you the most, so he'll hear you!" statement, he wouldn't fall for it. Especially not considering... well, everything, really, but more than anything, the fact that this time it had been used because, as Tifa had said, fifteen was a dangerous age and the still shy, quiet boy seemed to be causing 'curiosity' among the young girls.

It was better to warn than being sorry, right? What would happen if curiosity took out the best of the teenagers? Besides, was he really willing to risk it? After all, they shouldn't forget that Denzel and Marlene still were very close, and Barrett wouldn't be happy if something happened to the young girl, right?

Barely keeping from glaring at the logic his own best friend seemed to have used to have him give his young student the talk, Cloud knocked on the door of Denzel's room, frowning a little bit when he caught a small sound coming from it.It wasn't moaning, right? And that certainly wasn't hard breathing and muttering or... crap.

"... hundred!... Cloud." Denzel smiled, sweaty and bare chested from the floor where he was doing push ups, when Cloud oepened the door, flopping unto his back, chest moving up and down in deep breaths. "Sorry for not answering... I wanted to finish... something the matter?"

Cloud told himself that it wasn't Denzel's fault that he had misunderstood the situation, clearing his throat from the sudden tightness that had formed in there - and only there. Really.- moving his eyes away from the still half undressed, sweaty and flushed form of the youth, looking around the small but clean room, trying to focus on all the small details that the teenager seemed to have collected

"We need to talk." he finally said, picking up the towel Denzel had left on the chair, casually throwing it towards his student.

Denzel caught it, blinking towards him before sitting, wiping his face with the towel, breath going back to normal, some strands of longish auburn hair sticking to his face, a worried frown covering his face.

"Something wrong? Are you okay? Tifa? Marlene?" Cloud smiled then, shaking his head slightly, berating himself from scaring Denzel, who even after five years, was still too sensitive about something happening to the people he cared about.

"No, no, it's not like that." Cloud combed his hand through his hair, trying to think of a way of putting all of these, watching how, even if Denzel's frown disappeared, he still seemed worried, still wiping his sweat away before putting back on his shirt, curiously looking at him.

Cloud mentally cursed again before looking down to the teenager. Since the boy hated when people lied to him, he decided to be honest... and hope that he wouldn't shock the shy boy too badly. "It's about sex."

"Oh." Denzel blinked once, then twice, tilting his head to one side."What about it?"

And Cloud went to stare to the boy who would usually blush even at the mention of the chance of him liking one of the girls his age now looking perfectly calm.

"What you need to do." okay, that wasn't how Clouw had pictured the conversation going. He had been certain that Denzel would be beyond embarrassed and it being awkward and uncomfortable enough for the boy to swear of sex until he was at least eighteen or so. Instead, Denzel shrugged, moving towards his bed, putting on his socks, still looking pretty much composed.

"I know what to do." Denzel said after putting on one, looking at him through his bangs. "Always have the lube near. If bottoming, relax as much as possible, if topping, be careful when you're stretching him and go slow... oh! and always remember that some don't like going all the way, right?"

Cloud knew, just knew that he should have gaped if his brain hadn't stopped working. There was No Way that shy, timid Denzel was saying this, right? He was barely fifteen! And there was No Way that Denzel could actually be tying his boots, talking about gay sex as if he was listing what Tifa had asked him to buy!


"What's with the fa... OH! Where you talking about straight sex, Cloud?" and finally, the boy that Cloud did know appeared, Denzel avoiding his eyes as he looked down, pretending to be tying his already-perfectly-tied boots, a blush over the slightly freckled face. "If you are... um... I'm... um... not really interested in... y'know... it."

Cloud, of course, remembered all too well being Denzel's age; enough to sometimes wish he wouldn't, but he shook his head, still looking at Denzel and trying to wrap his brain about the recent turn of events.

Of all the possibilities, of all he would have expected, this, this situation had never really crossed his mind. Denzel finally stood up, hands deep inside the pockets of his pants, not looking up.

This was familiar, Denzel being embarrassed, Denzel nervous; not the... well... not... everything else.


"I... if you mind... I know it's..."

"I don't mind." he said before anything, at least trying to soothe that sad, defeated tone of voice Denzel because he had never, never been able to handle it. "I don't, don't be stupid."

Denzel rose his face towards him, relief plain in soft blue eyes and in a handsome young face and when Denzel smiled, Cloud forgot that he had wanted to question about when, about how, about why, about who.

"Thanks, Cloud. Well... I'm going, if that's all."

"Going? Where?" Denzel looked at him with an almost amused smile, a blush still faint on his face.

"Some friends. You keep on telling me that I shouldn't practice everyday, right?"

"Yes, yes, right. Let's go downstairs, then."

Of course, Cloud still couldn't completely shake the feeling of just wrongness at how everything had gone.

Even more when he was looking at the group of teenagers, and at the way Denzel smiled with his friends while going outside; a tall one messing Denzel's auburn hair, a smaller one playfully punching Denzel's arm.
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