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I'm selling my body to the night.
Even if my heart cries.
My family is full of slashers. SCORE! 
1st-Jan-2006 08:32 pm
Sleeping Omi/Yuuri OTP
Mom: And maybe we'll go tomorrow to see Goblet of Fire? Since I haven't seen it?
Cassandra: YES! *_* I wanna see Cedric... and his boyfriend Harry :p
Isadora: *laughs* And Ron and his crush on Viktor!
Yumma: *giggling*
Nina: Ah, but don't go on saying about Harry/Draco which I DON'T LIKE!
Mom: Why not? It's the ultimate couple! THE REASON WHY DRACO IS SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS!
Dad: *innocent face* he wants some?

I do love my family. I do, I do.
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